Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Off the Map Competition Runners Up!

(Presenting at GameCity 8)

Quite a lot has happened with this since the last entry.  We were very happy to be shortlisted for the final three, and had to do a presentation at an event during this years GameCity in Nottingham.

Our entry had a working Scaleform title screen, two cutscenes, two levels with level transitions that loop back to the menu when completed.  It also had basic puzzles and platforming, so we managed to squeeze a lot into it.  The part we were most happy with was that it was one of the few entries that contained gameplay.

The presentation went very smoothly despite being a bundle of nerves beforehand.  But even with such positive feedback on the forums, from judges and the audience, we were unable to obtain the winning place.

This competition has been a valuable learning experience for the team and gave us a better understanding of how parts of the industry works.  It was a lot of fun but it had to end sometime.

Thanks for reading.