Friday, 21 June 2013

Choosing Styles

(example of art style tests for the grass assets)

Before we could produce any finished textures, we needed to confirm our in-game art style.  To achieve this we decided to create a selection of textures for a couple of the models and see which ones looked best in engine.

We were surprised how good even the simplest of textures looked in engine.  The whole process really emphasised  the benefits of real-time changes to lighting that CryEngine 3 delivers.  The image above shows a selection of the grass assets using some of the different textures.  The one on the far right is just a single colour, the two in the middle are the same texture with different colour levels, whereas the one on the left used a storybook painterly style.

To fit in with the theme of the game and achieve the desired atmosphere, we decided on the storybook style.

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