Friday, 7 June 2013


(Whitebox of reconstructed Stonehenge)

To help get a feel for the scale of the world, as well as test any assets, we created a whitebox version of the map in CryEngine.  We set up the file structure ready for the assets and created some basic placeholders to populate the scene.  These were named appropriately with the real assets in mind.

(Concept / Reference Art)

The whitebox was created using a piece of reference art.  The measurements shown are those from the British Library map we chose.

(Whitebox image of Stonehenge game level)

We decided rather than making the player character smaller, we would make the world bigger.  This meant that the version of Stonehenge we've made in CryEngine is in fact twelve times bigger, as this is how many time bigger the standard character in the engine is in comparison to the faerie.  The reason for this is so we can easily implement changes to the design if we need to at a future point.

(Construction of the whitebox level using a reference image)

The whitebox was created using the map as a reference image in engine. We used the solids tools to create box to the size the diameter needed to be and scaled the map image to match.  This meant we could place the stones in the level accurately.

The next step in the production process is to test the art styles we are currently thinking of using before replacing the placeholders with more detailed finished assets.

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