Thursday, 12 September 2013


(Scaleform implemented in engine)

We wanted to have a go at implementing a main menu screen in our project, so started looking into Scaleform.  This involved using Photoshop and Flash to produce suitable assets for it, as well as researching how Scaleform works with CryEngine.

The documentation on the Crydev website didn't quite cover everything we needed, so we had to look elsewhere.  We found a video covering implementing the engine side of things by bazmod.

Rather than use Flash shapes as buttons, we wanted to use our own artwork.  All of the images were made to the power of two so the engine has no problems using them.  It used ActionScript 2.0, as the engine uses a slightly older version of Scaleform.  The Start button plays a cutscene showing the reconstructed Stonehenge as described in the library map.

It works well and gives the level a more professional finish.

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